Air conditioner repair is the last thing we want to think about. But, it’s an imperfect world.

Roses have thorns. Eating too much cheesecake can make you fat. And machines – even those expertly designed – sometimes don’t function as they should.

So, if you are a homeowner, you will require the expertise of an air conditioner service technician at some point in your life.

Top Issues That Require Air Conditioner Repair

Here are some common problems that may cause you to reach out to an AC repair company in your area.

Faulty Thermostat

You’ll probably notice quickly if your thermostat quits working. While sometimes the air conditioner repair is as simple as changing the thermostat batteries, other issues may require a visit with your trusted HVAC technician.

For example, your system may be short cycling or turning on and off rapidly without completing an entire cooling cycle. This may be caused by various reasons, including a miscalibrated thermostat reading or incorrect temperatures in your home.

Or you may notice that the display on your thermostat is no longer working, making it impossible to program to the desired temperature.

Frozen Coils

The problem with your cooling system may also be caused by frozen coils. These coils freeze for various reasons, including refrigerant leaks or mechanical issues.

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Although an air conditioner freezing may be avoided in some cases by changing the air filters on your AC unit, once it has happened, you need the assistance of an air conditioner repair technician.

Problems with the Fan Motor

Your central air conditioner may be working, but the fan that pushes the cool air throughout your home may not be functioning. This might mean there is an issue with your fan motor (or blower motor.)

Leaking Refrigerant

Next on our list of common air conditioner problems is leaking (or low) refrigerant. A refrigerant leak is sometimes caused by regular wear and tear. Although some leaks are relatively simple to fix, they still require the help of a professional.

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Additionally, the refrigerant charge should exactly match the manufacturer’s specification. Otherwise, the performance of your system and its energy efficiency can be affected.

Problems with the Sensor

If the thermostat sensor is knocked out of position, the AC unit could constantly cycle or display other problems. You should troubleshoot this issue and consider air conditioner repair. Malfunctioning air conditioning sensors can lead to more expensive problems down the line.


Airflow is essential in a properly functioning AC unit. So, of course, changing the air filter is crucial to keep this from happening. But it is also vital that you remove any debris from the outside unit.

Maintenance Helps Avoid Costly AC Repair

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A unit with a dirty air filter or one that is not allowed to drain appropriately will certainly develop issues. However, even mini splits and air conditioners that are expertly maintained will not last forever.

Contact the Air Conditioner Repair Experts

The best strategy for keeping your air conditioning system running efficiently is to schedule an annual maintenance appointment with your HVAC company. If you live in the northeast, consider reaching out to HOP Energy. HOP Energy has been in many of your communities for over 90 years! We offer preventive AC maintenance and maintenance contracts to keep your cooling systems in tip-top condition.

Learn more about how HOP Energy can help maintain your AC unit by contacting us today.

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