You don’t have to be an expert on your home’s heating and cooling system to complete air conditioning maintenance tasks. In fact, you don’t even have to own a toolbox to do things that will keep your air conditioner healthy and ready to work as the temperatures rise.

Here are simple things any homeowner can do to ensure that the cool air keeps flowing through their vents each summer.

Change your air filter.

Changing your filter is the simplest and most effective way to keep your AC running smoothly. Unfortunately, dirty or clogged air filters make your AC unit work much harder than necessary. Changing them is easy to do and requires no tools, but you need to ensure that the filter is facing the correct direction.

Not only does taking care of this bit of preventative HVAC maintenance extend the life cycle of your air conditioner but removing the dirty filter will improve your home’s air quality as well.

Set a calendar reminder on your phone to change your air filter once a month or at the beginning of each season, depending on the instructions that come with your HVAC system.

Keep the air conditioner evaporator coil clean.

Your central air conditioning system has coils and coil fins that need to be kept clean of debris, leaves, and pollen. If you go for long periods ignoring this part of your air conditioning unit, it will work harder to function than it should.

The good news is that you only need a garden hose or a broom to take care of this task. It’s worth noting that using a pressure washer for this bit of routine maintenance may damage your system, so you’ll have to come up with another excuse to add that fun tool to your garage.

Another bit of advice that may help improve your unit’s efficiency: make sure that your dryer exhaust is angled away from air conditioner coils to keep lint from landing on the outdoor unit. Also, homeowners should work hard to keep the shrubbery trimmed around their air conditioners.

Keep cool air flowing by adjusting your thermostat when you aren’t home.

Finally, another easy way to keep cold air flowing is to use your programmable thermostat so that your central air conditioner doesn’t have to run as much when no one is home. Most central air conditioners will allow you to program your home’s system so that you can save money and still maintain your desired temperature when you are home.

Schedule yearly maintenance with experts in air conditioners – HOP Energy

Do you want to keep your AC unit (and your entire HVAC system) in top-notch condition? Schedule air conditioner maintenance at the beginning of each cooling season with HOP Energy. Our HVAC technician will test all aspects of your HVAC systems, including the air handler, refrigerant lines, and condensate drain tube. They will also test your system’s energy efficiency.

Proper maintenance will keep your ac system working as it should– to keep your home cool and your air conditioner functioning correctly.

Contact your local HOP Energy subsidiary to schedule your annual maintenance today.

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