If you live in the Northeast, it’s only a matter of time before a severe storm causes a power outage in your area. Even though energy companies are faster to restore power than ever before, you might consider having a generator in place. Let’s discuss the advantages of having a generator for your home.

A generator will keep your HVAC system running during a power outage.

Many homeowners rely on electricity to heat their homes. During lengthy power outages, homeowners without a backup generator not only have to worry about keeping their families warm. They also have to worry about frozen pipes that might burst and cause damage.

A severe flood can also cause power failure. While you may not be as concerned with keeping your heating and cooling system functioning at this time, you may be dependent on your sump pump to help control rising water. A generator can provide backup power that you need in these emergencies.

A standby or backup generator will keep your appliances functioning.

Even though you may use heating oil, natural gas or propane to heat your home, your appliances probably run off of electricity. Consider purchasing a whole house generator to keep these appliances functioning during a power outage.

Think of the hundreds or thousands of dollars you may have to spend replacing spoiled food that will thaw in your freezer. Think of not being able to wash and dry towels that you used to clean up the excess water caused by a non-functioning sump pump. Besides not having functional appliances and losing your food supplies, you also may lose your home’s hot water heater, garage door opener, and security system. How will you charge your cell phone and other electronic devices without electricity?

Backup or standby generators may help keep your family healthy and safe.

Having a whole house generator will give you peace of mind – especially if your loved one utilizes power medical equipment. Keeping the lights on will also show potential burglars that your home is occupied.

What kind of generator is best for you?

There are many different types of generators. You may want a generator to back up your entire house, or you may only be concerned about having power for your most critical systems or major appliances. You may want a system that kicks in whenever the power fails or a generator for keeping essential elements functioning.

Act now to have a backup generator installed in your home.

Regardless of the type of generator that you need for your home, you can’t wait for an emergency to have one installed.

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If you live in the Northeast, contact HOP Energy to learn more about whole house generators. We will send a generator expert to your home to discuss standby and backup generators. Our teams will also install your new system and teach you how to run it.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that major storms will hit the Northeast. They’ve happened before, and they will happen again. The only difference between the last storm and the coming storms is that you can be more prepared for the next one by installing a generator.

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