How important is it to have your commercial HVAC system periodically inspected? Let’s just say this: it’s very important. We know you have a lot going on as a business leader. However, the health of your costly heating and cooling systems depends on having your HVAC equipment professionally inspected and serviced.

Here’s a typical commercial HVAC maintenance checklist for commercial buildings. Maintenance tasks are performed in the spring for the air conditioning unit and fall for the heating system. (And there’s much more to it than simply replacing the dirty filters!)

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklist

When it comes to commercial preventative maintenance, not all systems are the same. For example, we know your business may have special indoor air quality or energy efficiency needs. Regardless, some basic tasks are performed at commercial HVAC maintenance checks.

For outdoor HVAC system components, your technician will:

  • Clean and inspect the coil and HVAC cabinet
  • Clear drain pans and drainage lines
  • Inspect the compressor
  • Inspect and lubricate the fan motor and blades
  • Inspect the outdoor unit control box and safety controls
  • Inspect the wiring, switches, and electrical connections
  • Measure the refrigerant level and recharge if necessary

For indoor HVAC systems, your commercial HVAC technician will:

  • Clean and perform a visual inspection of the blower assembly
  • Check that the belts have proper tension and replace them if necessary
  • Clean the combustion blower housing
  • Clear the evaporator coil, drip pan, and condensate lines
  • Clean and inspect the burner assembly
  • Clean the ignition system
  • Test the safety controls
  • Inspect the heat exchanger
  • Inspect the flue system
  • Inspect the wiring and switches
  • Replace or clean the air filter
  • Replace the filters to ensure proper airflow
  • Optimize the thermostat settings to save on energy costs
  • Inspect heating elements or heat exchangers to make sure they are properly vented
  • Check the gas furnace for proper gas pressure and possible gas leaks
  • Check the heat pump to make sure the heating and cooling functions are ready for the season

There’s More to HVAC Maintenance Than Replacing Air Filters!

Facility managers know the importance of HVAC preventive maintenance. Routine maintenance extends the life of your commercial HVAC system and detects system failures early, decreasing the likelihood of costly repairs. Regular maintenance can also reduce the energy consumption of your HVAC systems – even if you have a high-efficiency heat pump.

Of course, you realize that there’s more to regular HVAC maintenance than reminding a staff member to replace the air filters of your air conditioners. Click here for the complete EPA checklist for commercial HVAC systems.

However, you may not know who offers preventive maintenance for commercial HVAC systems in your area.

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