Are you looking for a heating maintenance checklist? If you live in the Northeast, we understand why. News reports say that this coming winter season is supposed to be slightly colder than the last.

So you’ll sleep easier knowing that you have a functioning heating system and a dependable fuel supply.

Now that the leaves are off the trees, it’s time to focus your attention on your home’s heating system. You may have had it on long enough to know that warm air is still coming from heating registers. However, how do you know if your HVAC system is operating as it should?

Ensure the safety of your heating system.

While we certainly don’t want to scare our readers, things can go wrong with the key components of oil-fired furnaces, a heat pump, or any other HVAC system.

For example, even if heated air is blowing through your house, how do you know if the safety controls operate as they should? What if the electrical connections have become loose connections– causing your central heating systems to become a fire hazard?

And even though you think your carbon monoxide detector is operating as it should, what would happen if your cracked heat exchanger led to an extremely dangerous situation?

Make sure your furnace is working efficiently.

Even if your heating and cooling system seems to be working properly, how do you know if it is running efficiently without scheduling an annual checkup?

Even if your system is working correctly, the system’s efficiency should be periodically checked to ensure that “heating season” doesn’t wreak havoc on your family finances. Older units reduce efficiency over time, and there may be air leaks within the ductwork that can easily be fixed with duct tape.

Have an expert check your furnace’s mechanisms.

Annual maintenance checks can also help you feel secure knowing that your heating system is working at peak performance. Routine inspections can determine that all mechanisms are set to the proper tension, and the furnaces burners and blower motor are operating as they should.

The system’s annual check will also ensure that the thermostat is accurate on your home heat system and ensure your unit isn’t short cycling.

Keep dust buildup and other contaminants from affecting the air quality of your home.

Finally, annual heating maintenance should be completed on your heating and air conditioning system to maintain indoor air quality. Unfortunately, most people don’t change air filters as often as they should –even though the air filter is essential for a system’s proper operation and keeping the home’s air clean.

You must realize there’s much more to furnace maintenance than replacing an old filter with a new one. That’s why at the beginning of each season, you need to have a HOP Energy HVAC technician check your furnace or air conditioner.

HOP Energy Can Help with Heating Maintenance!

HOP Energy offers emergency HVAC repair, but we complete furnace maintenance checks as well. And if it’s time to update your system, we can recommend a new, affordable, and efficient heating and cooling system for your home or office.

Contact your local HOP Energy branch to learn more about maintaining your furnace, so you can rest easy once the temperatures start to plunge.
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