Heating Oil Budget Plans – What You Need to Know

At HOP Energy, because we understand that it can be a financial burden to pay the majority of your heating costs during the higher usage winter months, we offer a heating oil budget plan that allows you to spread your payments out over a longer period. We also offer a prepaid plan where you have the option to pre-buy ALL of your heating oil for the season, that comes with an additional discount because we are not financing, procuring, and delivering your fuel. 

Is a heating oil budget plan right for me? 

HOP’s budget plan helps you control your heating oil expenses. Your payments will be fixed and spread out over several months instead of paying higher heating bills over just a few months. It also helps HOP plan and become more efficient because we have a commitment to supply heating oil for a specific period of time. If you prefer fixed, lower monthly payments because they work better for your monthly finances, then setting up a budget plan might be the right choice for you. 

How does a heating oil budget plan work?

First, your monthly bill amount is calculated. We assess your previous year’s usage and then divide by 12 equal monthly payments. Using the established average price per gallon and your projected consumption for the season, HOP determines your estimated total cost for the season. We then divide the total cost estimate by 12 to get your monthly payment amount. 

What else do I need to know?  

  • A home heating oil budget plan is there to help you with your household budget by allowing you to spread your costs out over a longer stretch of time.
  • We will review your usage after six months and you might get an adjusted bill to cover any heating oil usage that was not part of the original estimated usage. 

In addition to our heating oil budget and prepaid plans, we also offer three different heating oil pricing options, giving you choices on how to manage and pay for your heating oil costs.

We offer: 

  1. VARIABLE PRICE: Your price will follow our market price, which is set by our daily market purchase and delivery costs, plus our margin. 
  2. CAPPED PRICE: Your price will follow our market price, but will never go above the capped price per gallon. 
  3. FIXED PRICE: You pay the same price per gallon for the entire year. 

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