If you have done any research on your HVAC system, you probably have read a lot of conflicting advice about heat pumps, air conditioning systems, and other types of heating and cooling systems. While we would love to give you straightforward advice and state which brand of an air conditioner or heating system is best for you, we need to know more about your situation before we can make that determination.

Luckily for our customers, HOP Energy not only provides reliable heating oil delivery service, but we also have been providing HVAC installation, service, and repair in the Northeast for decades.

What to Look for in a New Heating and Air Conditioning System

Here’s what we look for when recommending the right HVAC system for your home.

Efficiency ratings

Everyone wants an energy-efficient heating and cooling system. After all, efficient systems use less energy, which will lower your energy bills. Additionally, since the mechanical components don’t have to work as hard, the entire system will last longer.

Unfortunately, the energy efficiency of HVAC systems is sometimes difficult to understand. For example, you may know to look for an air conditioner’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio, but you may not realize what number equates to lower energy costs.

To make sure you are looking at an energy-efficient system, contact HOP Energy. We will walk you through such terms as “average fuel utilization efficiency.” We’ll be happy to recommend the right high-efficiency system that won’t break your bank.

HVAC Capacity

Sure, everyone is excited to save money on a new heat pump or central air conditioning system until they purchase an HVAC unit that doesn’t have enough capacity for your home. Your family, guests, and pets deserve a comfortable home, and that means you need enough British Thermal Units to do the job.

HVAC System Options

Your new HVAC system can do much more than supply cool air during the summer and warm air during the winter. In fact, modern HVAC systems can also improve indoor air quality.

If you spend a lot of time away from your home, a programmable thermostat is a great way to conserve energy.

Additionally, you might have areas in your home that are difficult to heat or cool. Perhaps ductless systems can be used to achieve the desired temperature in the most inhabited rooms in your home.

HVAC System Cost

Unless you have an unlimited budget to spend on a new HVAC unit, you are probably concerned about cost. While the price for the entire HVAC system immediately comes to mind, you also need to consider the cost of regular HVAC maintenance and whether that needs to be done by an HVAC technician or yourself.

HVAC Installation

The same central AC system or electric furnace may be the same price from several suppliers. However, not all HVAC contractors are the same.

Contact HOP Energy for Expert Advice

If you want to ensure your heating and cooling equipment is properly installed and expertly maintained, reach out to the energy experts. The HVAC experts at HOP Energy will recommend a new system to provide optimal performance for your unique situation.

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