Americans spend a LOT of money on air fresheners each year. In fact, it’s over a 1.6 billion dollar industry. However, the frustrating part of using such products in your home is that the sprays and candles mask the odors in your home, but they don’t improve your home’s air quality.

How to Remove Indoor Air Pollution

If you are serious about improving the indoor air quality inside your home, you need to put down that can of air freshener that makes your home smell like fresh-baked cookies. Instead of masking your home’s odors with candles and cleaning products, here’s how to remove air pollutants from your home.

Eliminate sources of pollution.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the first step in improving the overall air quality in your home is to remove the common sources of pollution. These may include deteriorated asbestos-containing insulation, pesticides, secondhand smoke (which can cause lung cancer), and harmful chemicals used for cleaning, maintenance, personal care, or hobbies. You should also consider adjusting your gas stove to decrease the amount of emissions. Additionally, take Rover to the groomer more often to reduce the amount of pet dander in your home.

However, there are some pollutants that you can’t easily remove, such as newly installed flooring, upholstery or carpet, or cabinets or furniture made of certain pressed wood products.

Improve your home’s ventilation.

The next step for improving indoor air quality is to increase the amount of fresh air coming into your home. You can do this by upgrading your air conditioning system, opening windows when it’s nice outside, or operating window and attic fans to bring in more outdoor air. However, this method only makes sense if you let clean air into your house. If you live in an area with air pollution, open windows may cause more asthma attacks and allergy symptoms.

Purchase an air purifier system for your home.

There are other methods to achieve better air quality, such as increased cleaning to get rid of dust mites, having more indoor plants, and purchasing fragrance-free products. However, the most efficient way to remove indoor pollutants is to install an air purifier that attaches to your home HVAC system.

Air purifiers remove the fine particles in the air and harmful pollutants that you can’t see, like volatile organic compounds. An air cleaner with a HEPA filter will reduce the foul odors caused by indoor pollution, but most importantly, it will make your home safer for your family members with health problems. Do you have a family member who suffers from skin rashes or respiratory issues? See how an air filter can improve their overall health.

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