Is Heating Oil Auto-Delivery Right for Me?

Is Automated Heating Oil Delivery the Smart Choice?

What’s the best way to get the heating oil you need? When consumers think about “automated delivery,” they sometimes wonder whether it has advantages over the old way they’ve been buying oil: paying on demand. It can be instructive to compare the methods and see which one makes the most sense for you. Fortunately, there are literally hundreds of articles, reports, white papers and corporate literature available. Here’s the gist of what they conclude about home delivery of heating oil vs pay on demand: 

Everybody Seems to Have the Same Question 

Consumers who rely on heating oil for their homes, businesses and farms face an important decision: is it wiser to opt for automatic heating oil delivery or simply order it on an “as needed” basis and pay cash? 

Homeowners all over the U.S., especially in the Northeast, often worry about running out of heating oil at the worst possible times. Most Northeasterners are concerned about unpredictable heating oil prices, heating oil availability and other economic uncertainty associated with the heating oil situation. At Alliance Express, your local branch of HOP Energy, we offer a seamless, full-service heating oil delivery system. For nearly a century, Alliance Express has been serving the Northeast U.S. as part of HOP Energy. 

What is Automatic Delivery? 

Automatic delivery of heating oil is an ingenious method that can accurately estimate how much oil you will use. It considers things like past usage, a home’s efficiency, the burner’s efficiency, total tank size, and temperature patterns. Based on daily temperature variations, an automated delivery program can pinpoint when a home needs its next delivery of heating oil. Alliance Express, your local branch of HOP Energy, is at the forefront of automated heating oil delivery. 

Supply, Demand and Shortages 

For starters, heating oil usage typically rises during cold months and tapers off heading into summer. It can be quite difficult to accurately monitor your use of home heating oil. 

In fact, no one wants to endure the hassle of running out of heating oil, especially during high demand periods. There’s probably no greater bother than needing residential heating oil and being unable to get quick, reliable delivery. 

Automatic Delivery Versus Paying on Demand 

Delivery systems are not a “one size fits all” situation. In other words, some people are happy with the on-demand ordering method and are content to monitor their tanks and order when the level gets too low. 

For people who don’t enjoy the constant struggle of monitoring heating oil usage, it helps to understand the pros and cons of automated delivery when compared to cash delivery of heating oil. 

Automatic Delivery Eliminates Uncertainty 

Three of the advantages of automated delivery include less monitoring, easier budgeting, and guaranteed supply even during supply shortages. 

  • Automatic delivery eliminates the need to monitor your tank. Even if you completely forget about your heating oil, an automated system will take care of getting the oil to your home exactly when you need it. The big plus is this: even if you are constantly forgetting to check your tank level and ending up in a panic, automated delivery means never having to order at the last minute. Timely delivery is an especially important issue for residents of cold locales. 
  • Cash delivery of heating oil is the old way of doing business in much of the Northeast but is quickly being replaced by automatic delivery of heating oil. It’s easier to budget oil costs throughout the year with an automated delivery system. 
  • Heating oil prices are unpredictable, as is heating oil availability. Thus, last-minute ordering is sometimes a very risky proposition. Supplies might be tight in the area or prices may have jumped up because of weather conditions or excess demand. Automatic delivery can’t guarantee lower prices, but most consumers like the peace of mind that a stable oil supply brings. It’s also nice to avoid panic situations when you can get stuck paying a super-high price just because you forgot to order last week or last month. 

No one should ever have to worry about running out of precious fuel. Monitoring heating oil usage is a key part of the puzzle, as are heating oil prices. 

Key Facts about Automated Delivery 

  • Typical automated systems will deliver heating oil when your tank hits a preset level, usually about 25 percent full. This allows plenty of time to get the oil delivered even in the worst possible weather conditions. 
  • The main advantage of automated delivery, as reported by consumers, is peace of mind. There’s never even a need to phone in an order, which means the whole process is hassle-free. 
  • It’s easy to enroll in an automated program, especially with Alliance Express. Simply contact our office at 844-859-1148 and ask to get on board. It’s also free to sign up for automated delivery. Visit our website for details, at 
  • There’s no tank monitoring, no phone calling and no scheduling off-work time to meet a delivery truck. 
  • Customers don’t have to worry about the damage that an empty tank can cause. Auto-delivery makes sure you never completely run out of heating oil. 
  • Self-ordering systems often rely on faulty tank monitors and imprecise “sticking” systems to measure fuel levels. Automatic delivery programs often use wireless tank monitors that are super-accurate. Automated systems use detailed customer history and careful weather analysis to know how much oil a customer uses. This prevents tank depletion and inaccurate readings. 

Is Automatic Delivery the Right Option for You? 

Residential heating oil is the lifeblood of millions of Americans who rely on a smooth supply of this vital resource. It pays huge dividends to opt for the delivery method that’s best for you. Running out of heating oil is not an example of smart energy management. That’s why so many people are taking a close-up look at the side-by-side comparison of heating oil delivery methods. Note that paying cash for heating oil might be the preferred method for some people, but in the larger scheme of things, it tends to fall short. 

Heating oil availability is a serious subject for consumers who need a steady stream of high-quality fuel to run their homes and businesses. Automatic delivery is the preferred method based on the ideas outlined above. The typical customer likes the peace of mind that comes with never having to fret about supply, shortages, and the constant annoyance of monitoring heating oil levels. Heating oil usage has never been so simple. At Alliance Express, your local HOP Energy branch, we can show you even more advantages of automatic heating oil delivery. Visit our website at or call us at: 844-859-1148