What are the benefits of a service contract for heating and cooling systems?

CRC Energy Offers Heating & Cooling Service Agreements for Maintenance, Cleaning, Tune-Ups, And Repairs

The Worst Moment Is When It Happens… 

If you are one of millions of homeowners who live in areas with dramatic weather swings, you are fully aware of the importance of maintaining your heat during the cold months, and air conditioner during the warm months. It is no day in the park to sit in the house dripping sweat because your AC isn’t functioning efficiently. It seems that it is during the most extreme weather that you are in desperate need of air conditioning repair or heating system repair. 

Routine Maintenance Saves You Money 

It is recommended that the best way to maintain your heating and cooling systems is through service agreements. This means that you can take comfort in knowing that preventive maintenance and the annual cleaning is covered. Additionally, if the system becomes damaged or breaks down, Emergency service for heating system repair and air conditioning repair will get you back up and running as soon as possible. 

Who Can You Trust? 

CRC Energy in New Haven County provides service agreements that handle many jobs, such as oil tank repair, furnace repair, air conditioning repair, and more. CRC Energy offers highly trained, licensed and insured technicians to provide New Haven County residents with premium services. Air conditioning duct cleaning, heating system tune-up, and cooling system tune-up are a very important step in maintaining your systems. As one of the largest full-service energy companies in the Northeast, CRC Energy is your local branch of HOP Energy who have been proudly serving customers in the Northeast for over 90 years! In the Northeastern United States, heating equipment service contracts are very important, both during the hot sticky summer months and the often-freezing temperatures of the winter season. With a service contract, you can be assured that your heating system tune-up will be done in a timely fashion, ensuring your comfort during those frigid months. Air conditioning equipment service contracts are just as important when the temperatures rise, and CRC Energy provides service and maintenance for both. 

Why Choose A Contract? 

There are many service options to consider, such as the ‘hire-when-you-need-it’ type. The problem with this, is that the issue you have may be a problem that could have been prevented with maintenance. Air conditioning duct cleaning, for example, can impede on the efficiency of your AC unit. If you wait until there is a noticeable change in your air, you may have waited too long and caused other problems with your system. With a service contract, you can have all the maintenance scheduled on a routine basis, along with routine inspections to ensure properly functioning equipment throughout the year. 


  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Detects Potential Problems Early
  • Keeps Systems Running At Peak Performance
  • Emergency Service
  • Annual Cleaning
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair
  • Boiler Maintenance and Repair
  • Furnace Maintenance and Repair
  • Oil-Fired Heating Systems Maintenance and Repair


  • Ongoing Bill
  • Scheduling May Interfere with Your Time
  • Some Items May Not Be Covered in Your Agreement
  • Some Items May Be Already Covered Under Your Warranty

Who Is The Best Candidate For A Service Contract? 

Heating equipment service contracts and air conditioning equipment service contracts are especially beneficial to older systems but can also be very helpful to newer homes. Depending on the warranty coverage of your home or Heating and cooling system warranties, making the final decision is ultimately the choice of the homeowner. The first call to action would be to contact CRC Energy for a consultation and ask for information on service agreements versus individual Oil-fired heating systems repair, furnace repair, boiler maintenance, oil tank repair, and other maintenance and repairs. You may be surprised at the savings, should you need emergency service. Furnace maintenance and cooling system tune-up are a part of the preventive maintenance that makes the service worthwhile for many Americans. Keeping up on these things can prove complicated, dangerous, and a hassle; If we remember at all! 

It’s Cold In The North… 

With all things considered, there are many reasons homeowners in the coldest corners of the nation are turning to service contracts for their heating and cooling systems. The biggest reason is probably the assurance that their home will stay fully functioning when it is most crucial: the winter. The snow storms and ice, wind and rain, floods and blizzards make the Northeast a place that heating in the home is sometimes a matter of life and death. In areas that are extremely cold, the elderly and young children are at risk for pneumonia, lowering body temperatures, and poor circulation. It is not just a luxury to have a warm place to lay your head, it is a necessity. Hiring a company to come in when something breaks may seem like the ‘less expensive’ way to manage your systems, however, that’s not always the case. Preventing those break downs can help avoid costly repairs further down the road, not to mention you are getting the maintenance along with discounted repairs. 

Expensive Repairs Could Possibly Be Prevented 

Finding out that your heating or cooling system needs a good cleaning isn’t the worst that could happen. Finding out your air conditioner needs to be replaced because it has never been properly maintained or cleaned is a different story altogether. With some air conditioning systems costing close to $10,000, that is quite a blow. For some homeowners, that would require a home equity loan or refinance just to stay cool during the summer. 

Trust The Leading Company For Your Home 

Always keep in mind that just because they have a business name in the phone book or are listed in Google, it does not mean they are a reputable and reliable company to hire. Doing your homework can save a lot of heartache when it comes to allowing a stranger into your home and giving them permission to work on expensive appliances. CRC is one of the leading energy companies in the Northeast, serving the New Haven County area. We are a full-service energy company that specializes in customer service, a full line of heating and cooling system equipment, repairs, maintenance, and service contracts. CRC Energy can work on all types of heating and cooling system, regardless of the type or brand. Our goal is to keep your heating and cooling systems in perfect working order in every season. There are different levels of service available, and the more coverage you add, the more protection and service you receive. Varying service will vary the price, and this allows the customer to tailor-fit the amount of coverage to their budget requirements. 

An Estimate Is A Good Place to Start… 

There is no harm in getting information. Calling an expert to give a consultation and perhaps an initial inspection to estimate your specific needs will better assist in getting you the level of comfort and assurance you are looking for. Ask questions, read the fine print, and don’t overextend yourself. These are key points when finalizing your contract, to make certain you are happy with the agreement as well as the service the company provides. By agreeing to services, you don’t want or need, will only cause problems later, and ultimately you will be unhappy. CRC wants happy customers! Once you have a clear understanding of the services available, you can choose the plan that you would be happy with. The “Silver Plan” offers maintenance and cleaning, plus 15% off repairs, and The “Gold Plan” offers all that the Silver Plan offers, plus extensive coverage on parts and labor. Call us today for in-depth details about these service plans!