You may have lived in the Northeast all of your life without having a whole house humidifier attached to your home’s HVAC system. While it’s possible to survive without this comfort system, those living with a whole house humidifier often say they would never return to life without one.

Here are some of the answers to common questions people ask about house humidifiers.

What is a whole house humidifier?

In most cases, whole-house humidifiers are attached directly to your home’s furnace. Although there are different types of humidifiers, all of which function in their own unique ways, they all serve the same purpose: to increase the humidity of your home during the cold months of the year.

Why is dry air the enemy?

Why does it matter if you have dry indoor air?

It matters a lot to people with respiratory issues.

One of the primary reasons that you could benefit from a system that will automatically control indoor humidity is that it could reduce the number of colds and sinus infections that your family endures each season. This isn’t a new discovery. In fact, you may already have a steam humidifier running in your bedroom (or your child’s bedroom) each night.

Moisture rich air makes it easier to breathe. That’s one reason doctors recommend bringing infants into a steam-filled room if they have minor respiratory issues.

Your doctor may have recommended using portable humidifiers to help keep your throat and nasal passages moist. This moisture supports your body’s natural protection against airborne infections.

The problem with portable humidifiers is that they always run out of water and require constant filter changes. Also, it’s a pain to have this bulky, loud, leaky piece of equipment sitting on your nightstand.

When you purchase a humidifier that works in conjunction with your furnace, you will enjoy automatic humidity control.

There are other health benefits to controlling your home’s humidity levels during the winter. A whole home humidifier helps people who suffer from dry skin. It also may help those who suffer frequent bloody noses. Your pets could also benefit from the improved indoor air quality.

What are other benefits of whole house humidifiers?

There are non-health reasons why you might want moisture-rich air.

Dry air can be damaging to your home’s woodwork. Dry air can cause wood furniture cracks and creaking wood floors. In addition, poor humidity levels can affect your musical instruments and artwork.

Additionally, your houseplants may benefit from ideal indoor humidity! Maybe with a whole home humidifier, you’ll finally be able to keep a plant alive for more than three months!

How do you purchase a humidifier for your house?

Are you intrigued by the benefits of better quality air? If so, contact your local HVAC company.

If you live in the Northeast, reach out to HOP Energy. You may already be familiar with the quality heating oil delivery service that HOP Energy provides, but you may not have realized that they do whole home humidifier installation as well! See what an amazing difference a whole home humidifier will make in the lives of your family members.

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