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Bristol Residents Stay Warm with Heating Oil from HOP Energy

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HOP Energy is one of the largest retail distributors of heating oil and other products in the northeastern United States. Through its network of thirteen local branches, spanning seven states, Hop Energy ensures fast response times, reliable local service and competitive pricing, making them the leading provider of heating oil and energy services in the northeast USA.

Bristol CT is one of the best places to live in according to the Money Magazine dated 2010. Bristol is referred to as “Mum city” since it was recognized as the top chrysanthemum producer in US. Moreover, it is locally called “Bell City” since it was able to innovatively design the best spring-driven doorbells across the borders.

Bristol is currently known as the home for ESPN where its central offices are located.

America takes pride in Bristol CT since it houses Lake Compounce, which is the oldest theme park that has been in operation continuously.

Bristol CT is served by Automatic TLC Energy, a local branch of HOP Energy. Hop Energy, with local branches that serve the states of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey and New York, is one of the largest home heating oil providers in the Northeast. HOP Energy’s large footprint ensures fast local service, competitive pricing and reliability for heating oil delivery, emergency repairs, generators and HVAC servicing.  

Interesting Facts About Bristol, CT

One of the historical landmarks in Bristol is the Otis Elevator Company, which is known as the company with the tallest elevator test tower in United States. You can actually see the tower from all the surrounding roads in Bristol.

Bristol is also home to the bestselling authors, basketball players, actors, composers, professional swimmers, baseball players, and leaders in America.

In Bristol, you will also find Muzzy Field, a historical ballpark where all baseball home games are played.

Lake Compounce was constructed in 1846, which makes it the oldest amusement park in North America. It is also one of the greatest places to keep you entertained while in Bristol CT.

Bristol also takes art very seriously, thus making it an area with one of the highest concentration of museums in America. 

  • The New England Carousel Museum
  • The American Clock & Watch Museum
  • The Imagine Nation Children’s Museum
  • The Bristol Military Memorial Museum
  • The Bristol Historical Society Museum
  • The Witch’s Dungeon Classic Movie Museum

And if you’re visiting Bristol in September, why not head to St Stanislaus Church to catch a glimpse of the Polish-American Dożynki.

Winters in Bristol, CT

Bristol CT can be described as partially cloudy all year round. The summer season is usually warm and wet while the winter season is characterized by a chilly weather that will leave you freezing.

The temperature ranges are about 19°F to 82°F. Interestingly, you will never experience temperatures below 4°F or any above 89°F.

If you are looking to visit Bristol to enjoy warm-weather activities, then you should visit the city between mid-June and mid-September.

While the warm season in Bristol lasts for up to 3.5 months, you should know that July is the hottest month of the year with the highest temperatures being recorded at 82°F and the lowest at 63°F.

The cold season in Bristol lays between December and mid-March. It lasts for 3.3 months and this period records high temperatures of 43°F. The end of January to the beginning of February represent the coldest time of the year and records low temperatures of 19°F and highs of 34°F.

Snow falls for about 5.6 months that are between October 29 and April 16. This is the time of the year when folks in Bristol, CT request for heating oil delivery mostly to keep their homes and offices warm enough for comfortable living.

The most severe Bristol tornado to occur recently took place on July 21, 2010 where several trees were uprooted while others had their heads twisted. Moreover, the snowstorm damaged several pieces of property.

The latest most notable storm occurred in Central Connecticut Bristol. 30 percent of the Eversource customers were affected by the power outage that saw activities being slowed down. This took place on March 2, 2018 at around 2:30 p.m.

Automatic TLC Energy is your go to full-service energy. Even when you are in the middle of the winter emergencies, you can rely on Automatic TLC Energy to keep you warm. This way, you will not have to deal with a blackout or have to tolerate low temperatures since you will have heating oil all the time.

What are you waiting for? Contact 24/7 Emergency HVAC Service Bristol CT now to transform your home or commercial property into a smart, efficiently run environment!


Automatic delivery of your home heating oil offers many benefits, including being the fastest way to get your home heating oil.

Why is it the fastest? Because homeowners who choose automatic heating oil delivery never have to worry about remembering to call for a delivery. Automatic delivery also ensures you will never run out of heating oil. This delivery system is based on your previous heating oil usage, and the size of your home. People often choose automatic heating oil delivery because it is convenient and protects against running out of oil during freezing temperatures!

Even if it’s hot outside right now, we all know that winter will soon be upon us! Automatic heating oil delivery service ensures that you and your family have what you need to stay comfortable and protected from the elements throughout the season. HOP Energy has earned a strong reputation for high-quality customer service, a consistent dedication to the community, and affordable home heating oil options. Not only that, we have been in many of our communities for over 90 years!

Ease of delivery: No need to go and check your fuel gauge. Our electronic monitoring systems keeps an eye on everything for you and schedules deliveries based on usage and anticipated weather. That means if there’s a storm coming, your tank will be refilled before the cold weather hits, so you and your family stay warm! Not only that, but you don’t need to be home when we deliver.

Dependable: Choosing a reputable heating oil delivery service means you won’t have to worry about being caught without heating in the worst of winter. If by some chance you DO run out of fuel, even during inclement weather, we will be out to refill your tank quickly!

Savings: With budgeted payment plans and other arrangements, HOP Energy always puts your needs first. Convenient: With automatic delivery you do not have to pay at time-of-delivery.

Strong customer service: Our representatives and 24-hour emergency services are focused on meeting your needs, when you need us the most!

Preventive maintenance and service packages: At Hop Energy, we are a full-service energy provider. That means, we can take care of your HVAC and other energy needs including generators, so you can keep the heat on even when the power goes out!

Automatic home oil delivery really is the fastest, easiest and most economical way to get your heating oil. And, with all our available additional services like air conditioning, air quality, and 15-second-start generators, HOP Energy is your ‘one stop shop’ for keeping your home comfortable, no matter the season!

What We Offer


Home Heating Oil

  • Usage is computer monitored

  • Automatic delivery – you never run out

  • Only billed for amount used
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24/7 Emergency Service

  • No service contract required

  • On call whenever you need us
  • All HOP Energy technicians are licensed, insured and uniformed

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  • Full-range of energy efficient heating and cooling systems

  • Licensed and insured technicians for installation

  • Free in home analysis
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  • Energy Star equipment including Trane

  • Service contracts to cover inspections and maintenance/repairs

  • Expert installation by licensed and insured HOP Energy technicians
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  • Get powered up in as fast as 15 seconds
  • Honeywell and Generac equipment

  • Financing options as low as 0%
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Air Quality

  • Breathe easier with a high-efficiency air purification system
  • Reduce dust mites, mold spores, pollen and pet dander
  • Keep your HVAC working more efficiently
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Smart Home Products

  • Certified pro elite provider of Nest smart home products

  • Nest Thermostat E, Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect, Nest Cam outdoor, Nest Cam outdoor IQ
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