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Middletown Residents Stay Warm with Heating Oil from HOP Energy

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HOP Energy is one of the largest retail distributors of heating oil and other products in the northeastern United States. Through its network of thirteen local branches, spanning seven states, Hop Energy ensures fast response times, reliable local service and competitive pricing, making them the leading provider of heating oil and energy services in the northeast USA.

Middletown CT: Americana At It Best

Middletown is historic indeed. Located in Middlesex County, Connecticut, it’s about 16 miles south of Hartford, the state capital. Incorporated way back in 1650, Middletown is one of the most interesting, comfortable and friendly towns in the Northeast. It sits on the Connecticut River and is surrounded to the west by the Metacomet, a ridge that extends from Long Island Sound almost all the way to the Vermont border. Higby Mountain and Lamentation Mountain are two of the most impressive sights in the Mattabeseck region, which is named after the Native Americans who used to live here. 

During the 1700s, Middletown CT was the largest settlement and port in Connecticut. It is said that nearly one third of its resident back then were involved in some type of fishing or maritime employment. Middletown was the county seat of Middlesex County until the county government was eliminated in 1965. Middletown is still home to the Judicial District Court and Middlesex Superior Court. 

Today, the population of Middletown is about 46,000. Its downtown area is popular with residents and tourists alike and features both casual and fine restaurants, and a wide array of shops and attractions. Tourism is big in Middletown, as there are many historic buildings still standing. These include The Samuel Wadsworth Russell House (built in 1827) and The Alsop House (built in 1840). Both of these sites are on High Street and are designated as National Historic Landmarks. 

Middletown, CT is also a college town with all the exuberance and cultural activities that youth brings to the community. Wesleyan University was established in 1831, as one of the first liberal arts colleges in the United States. Community involvement has always been important to residents. In fact, the two main buildings of Wesleyan University were actually by the people. 

In 1841, Middletown also opened the first public high school in the state of Connecticut. Today, the two main high schools, the Middletown Blue Dragons and the Xavier Falcons enjoy a healthy rivalry in sports. Middletown was once home to the Middletown Mansfields way back in 1872. Before the short-lived team folded in 1872, famous players included Jim O’Rourke, a 21-year-old batting sensation and their star pitcher Asa Brainard. 

Middletown’s climate can be a bit of a challenge, but the rugged New Englanders in the area don’t seem to mind. It’s part of their essential make up. On average, Middletown CT gets 51 inches of rain per year and averages inches of snow per year. The summer high is around 84 degrees and the winter low is about 18 degrees. 

Having a full-service energy provider in the Middletown area that provides Heating Oil keeps the economy going year around, especially between September to April each year. Average heating bills in the area are approximately $125 per month, with the cold months of course being higher due to the increased need for Heating Oil. 

Most homes and businesses in the area rely on Heating Oil Delivery. The HOP Energy Family, a full-service Energy provider, serves the community of Middletown, CT through their local branch, Valley Oil. In addition to Heating Oil Delivery and Propane Delivery, the local branch of the HOP Energy Family offers 24/7 Emergency Response to help residents in storms and middle of the winter emergencies. 

Middletown does see its fair share of hurricanes, storms and flooding. The infamous “Great Hurricane of 1938” made landfall in New Haven, Connecticut on September 21 that year. Middletown received a lot of damage with most of the town completely underwater. Residents had to be evacuated by boats and there was significant damage to Middletown buildings and streets. More recently, in March 2018, Valley Oil was able to come to the rescue when a powerful nor’easter dumped a foot of snow in the area. Snow fell at a rate of three inches per hour and heavy winds were also a factor in the local leader’s decision to shut down schools. 

Visitors and residents of Middletown CT say that the town provides the best of both worlds – the bustle and hustle of Hartford and New York City, yet the charm of small-town America. A drive to the City can take less than two hours. Middletown is also a mecca for lovers of fall foliage. It has some of the most vibrant display of red, yellow and orange leaves anywhere in the Northeast. 

There’s a lot to do in the Middletown area and many local dishes to enjoy. Some of the most popular attractions include Wadsworth Falls State Park, Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park, Harbor Park, the General Mansfield House, and the Van Vleck Observatory. The Kidcity Children’s Museum is a favorite with the younger set, while adults love visiting Middletown’s two famous breweries, the Stubborn Beauty Brewing and the Forest City Brewing. 

Middletown restaurants are proud to offer culinary fans the unique tastes of the area, such as Connecticut’s famous lobster rolls and coal-fired, clam-topped pizzas. Middletown is also known for its homemade ice cream and specialty baked goods. 

Last, but not least, Middletown is proud to have the Oddfellows Playhouse – one of the few youth theaters in the state – within its town center. Located at 128 Washington Street, not far from Middletown’s Main Street, the theater draws youngsters from across the United States and the world to perform in its well-attended plays each year. 

Whether you’re relocating or visiting for the day or weekend, Middletown CT is Americana at its best.


Automatic delivery of your home heating oil offers many benefits, including being the fastest way to get your home heating oil.

Why is it the fastest? Because homeowners who choose automatic heating oil delivery never have to worry about remembering to call for a delivery. Automatic delivery also ensures you will never run out of heating oil. This delivery system is based on your previous heating oil usage, and the size of your home. People often choose automatic heating oil delivery because it is convenient and protects against running out of oil during freezing temperatures!

Even if it’s hot outside right now, we all know that winter will soon be upon us! Automatic heating oil delivery service ensures that you and your family have what you need to stay comfortable and protected from the elements throughout the season. HOP Energy has earned a strong reputation for high-quality customer service, a consistent dedication to the community, and affordable home heating oil options. Not only that, we have been in many of our communities for over 90 years!

Ease of delivery: No need to go and check your fuel gauge. Our electronic monitoring systems keeps an eye on everything for you and schedules deliveries based on usage and anticipated weather. That means if there’s a storm coming, your tank will be refilled before the cold weather hits, so you and your family stay warm! Not only that, but you don’t need to be home when we deliver.

Dependable: Choosing a reputable heating oil delivery service means you won’t have to worry about being caught without heating in the worst of winter. If by some chance you DO run out of fuel, even during inclement weather, we will be out to refill your tank quickly!

Savings: With budgeted payment plans and other arrangements, HOP Energy always puts your needs first. Convenient: With automatic delivery you do not have to pay at time-of-delivery.

Strong customer service: Our representatives and 24-hour emergency services are focused on meeting your needs, when you need us the most!

Preventive maintenance and service packages: At Hop Energy, we are a full-service energy provider. That means, we can take care of your HVAC and other energy needs including generators, so you can keep the heat on even when the power goes out!

Automatic home oil delivery really is the fastest, easiest and most economical way to get your heating oil. And, with all our available additional services like air conditioning, air quality, and 15-second-start generators, HOP Energy is your ‘one stop shop’ for keeping your home comfortable, no matter the season!

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Home Heating Oil

  • Usage is computer monitored

  • Automatic delivery – you never run out

  • Only billed for amount used
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24/7 Emergency Service

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  • On call whenever you need us
  • All HOP Energy technicians are licensed, insured and uniformed

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  • Full-range of energy efficient heating and cooling systems

  • Licensed and insured technicians for installation

  • Free in home analysis
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  • Energy Star equipment including Trane

  • Service contracts to cover inspections and maintenance/repairs

  • Expert installation by licensed and insured HOP Energy technicians
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  • Get powered up in as fast as 15 seconds
  • Honeywell and Generac equipment

  • Financing options as low as 0%
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Air Quality

  • Breathe easier with a high-efficiency air purification system
  • Reduce dust mites, mold spores, pollen and pet dander
  • Keep your HVAC working more efficiently
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  • Certified pro elite provider of Nest smart home products

  • Nest Thermostat E, Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect, Nest Cam outdoor, Nest Cam outdoor IQ
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