HOP Energy Understands that Technology is Better for its Customers

“The digital customer experience is becoming as important a differentiator for brands as product and price.” Ben Davis, Marketing Week

Now more than ever, consumers are viewing and accessing data on multiple devices from home, work or on the go. HOP Energy understands that providing their customers the best possible experience goes hand in hand with technology–while continuing to maintain the right balance of live customer service agents to help nurture customer relationships. Learn how HOP Energy and its subsidiaries are listening to their customers’ needs, and embracing technology to personalize experiences, create efficiencies and make their customers lives easier.

  • As a new HOP customer, you’ll get a customer number to access the customized billing/payment options, e-billing and “text-to-pay”—all available through their new online portal.
  • The MyAccount Portal also includes the ability to request a service visit anytime.
  • Once you’ve booked a service technician, HOP Energy sends a text message when the technician is on the way—both a courtesy and convenience for the customer, allowing for better management of their day.
  • HOP uses a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to provide integration across all systems. This level of centralized visibility helps HOP Energy better understand their customers; things like order history, service call logs, and any preferences. The result is a much deeper relationship with the customer than just knowing their name when they call support.    
  • HOP Energy makes it easy for their customers to interact with them, whenever and wherever they want, by providing a multichannel communication platform. They appreciate that customers have preferences over which channel they use regardless of whether it is voice, online or even social media.
  • HOP Energy invests in the tools and training that allow their team to deliver better customer service such as regular product training, customer service training, access to the CRM, and much more.
  • If you want a quick answer to a simple home heating or cooling question, HOP Energy provides resources such as blogs and frequently asked questions, giving customers the option to self-serve.
  • HOP Energy uses intelligent routing for their phone system, with the goal to get the consumer to the right place as quickly as possible.

HOP Energy will maintain their investment into new technologies as they become available with the goal of continually enhancing the overall customer experience. HOP Energy has been serving the Northeast for over 90 years, and has branches in VT, MA, NY, CT, NJ, and PA.”. HOP Energy offers a robust line of heating and air conditioning systems, air quality systems, smart-home/safe-home products, and automatic quick-start generators. Additional products and services are available to you throughout the HOP network.

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