Why You Need Heating Oil from Alliance Express During the Summer

Once the cold winter months are past, your mind shifts away from home heating oil. You may think that since the cold temperatures have passed there isn’t much of a need. Even if the tank is empty, it’s easy to forget about filling a heating oil tank during the summer months. But the truth is that an empty home heating oil tank is bad news. In the winter it means your family will get cold. While you don’t have to worry too much about getting cold if you run out of heating oil during the spring and summer in Massachusetts, there are other reasons you need to contact Alliance Express to fill your heating oil tank during the spring and summer.

The Problem with an Empty Heating Oil Tank

If you let your home heating oil run out in the warmer months, condensation can form on the interior bare walls. As the water forms, it starts to drip down to the bottom of the tank. Even if there is a little oil in the tank, the water, which is denser than oil, will sink to the bottom. Once it is on the bottom of the tank, the water creates the ideal environment that encourages the growth of bacteria and numerous other microorganisms.

As the organisms accumulate, sediment builds up. This can mean huge problems with your oil tank. Sludge can clog up your fuel lines which will cause the heating system to shut down.  Keeping your heating oil tank full during summer prevents condensation from building up, saving you the trouble and cost of repairs once the winter months return. If left unattended, sludge can begin to erode the tank from the inside out creating an even bigger problem that could have been prevented altogether.

Why You Still Need Oil in the Summer

Even though you won’t use as much heating oil in the warmer months, you still need some in your tank. You may use oil to heat water for showers, baths, cooking, and washing dishes and clothes. The largest use of hot water in the summer months is for showers. Even if you’re just taking a quick five-minute shower, you’re going to want to have hot water.

Your dishwasher needs hot water to get your dishes clean too. If you wash your dishes by hand, you will certainly want some hot water. Cold water just won’t do on greasy, dirty pots and pans. Hot water is necessary for these and other routine cleaning chores.

Benefits of a Summer Fill of Heating Oil

Reducing condensation in the tank to protect it from eroding is one great reason to keep your heating oil filled up all summer long. Having a full tank ensures you have the fuel you need when you need it. It’s unpleasant to get caught off guard by a surprise cold snap. When it’s not urgent, it’s also easier to schedule your home heating oil delivery instead of waiting until the very last minute or paying for an emergency delivery. Additionally, at Alliance Express, we only charge you for the oil we deliver.

Only Pay For What You Use

With Alliance Express, your oil usage is computer monitored, even in the summer months. That means you are only billed for the amount of heating oil we deliver.

Contact Alliance Express to Keep Your Tank Healthy

Keeping heating oil in your tank can prevent condensation. It can also save you money on expensive repairs. If you receive Massachusetts heating oil on a delivery schedule, don’t skip the summer months. Alliance Express helps keep your home and family comfortable all year long by offering automated oil delivery services as well as HVAC services. Ready to get started? Contact us today by calling 855-237-5239 to schedule your service.