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Oil heat is one of the safest, most efficient means to heat you home. Home heating oil is a very stable, combustible, non-explosive product, which addresses some of the safety concerns that surround other fuels. The efficiency is a result of the high BTU content found in a gallon of oil, versus an equal measure of natural gas, propane, or electricity.

Safe – Heating oil is non-explosive and can only be ignited by the advanced systems found on furnaces.

Efficient and Economical –Modern Oil heat systems perform at 85-95% efficiency or higher. This means that for every dollar you spend on heating oil, up to 95 cents worth of heat and hot water is delivered into your home. Yearly heating costs for oil are consistently lower than natural gas or electricity. The Department of Ecology indicates that oil heats 16% more efficiently than natural gas.

Warmer– Because it burns at a higher temperature (300 degrees hotter than natural gas), heating your home with heating oil heats your home faster than any other heating source.

Popular– 28.6 million Americans depend on the comfort and savings of Oil heat to heat their homes. The average life expectancy of an oil heat appliance is 30 or more years if they are properly maintained. Compared to the life expectancy of a natural gas furnace ranging from 11-14 years.

Delaware may be the second smallest and sixth least populous state, but is the sixth most densely populated! Before its coastline was explored by Europeans in the 16th century, Delaware was inhabited by several groups of Native Americans, including the Lenape in the north and Nanticoke in the south. It was initially colonized by Dutch traders at Zwaanendael, near the present town of Lewes, in 1631. On December 7, 1787, Delaware became the first state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, and has since been known as “The First State’. Living in Delaware offers a wide host of things to do. From the serenity and sculpted beauty of Longwood Gardens, the wildlife at Brandywine Creek State Park, and the gorgeous ocean views from Delaware’s many beaches, the state has something to offer everyone!

If you love history, Delaware offers a wide selection of museums, and visitors can take a step back in time by touring one of the many estates or gardens throughout the state. Located on a beautiful 1,000 acres of green meadows and lush woodlands, Winterthur is the former childhood home of collector Henry Francis du Pont. The massive 175-room house, as well as its expansive grounds, is open for tours and exploration by visitors.  

Visitors to the Delaware Museum of Natural History will get up close and personal with nature, from a giant squid to multiple outdoor habitats. The museum contains the only permanent collection of dinosaur fossils in the state of Delaware and children will enjoy the Nature Nook, where they can take part in hands on activities to teach them about science and nature. 

Delaware Seashore State Park is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Rehoboth Bay, and Indian River Bay, which makes it the perfect destination for beachgoers. Lifeguards are on patrol from 9am to 5pm daily during the summer. But beyond that, Delaware Seashore State Park is also a haven for visitors who want to go fishing or boating, as there are many different options for water access and even a special pier designed so that the disabled or elderly have access. Visitors who want more than just a day at the beach will love Burton Island or Thompson Island, where there are hiking trails and salt marshes available for exploration.

If you are looking for something a bit…unusual… the “Steampunk Tree House” began life as an art project for the now popular alternative desert shindig known as ‘Burning Man’, but the massive metal tree house finally found a permanent home outside of a Delaware brewery. Have a locally brewed pint while you’re there! In the same ‘Steampunk’ train of thought (so to speak), the Rothschild Patent Model Collection is a unique look at patent ideas through the ages including a combination whip/cane, couches that come together to create a boat, and a ratty mechanical dog meant to shoo away pigeons. The museum is also filled with more mundane inventions that are nonetheless fascinating for their Victorian ingenuity such as a paper bag folding machine and a mechanical horseshoe bender.

For Nascar Race Enthusiasts, no trip to Delaware would be complete without a trip to the “Monster Mile’ –Dover International Speedway and of course, a photo op with Miles the Monster (who made a unique bid for President in 2012). Miles has been the mascot of Dover International Speedway since 2000. 

The acclaimed Hagley Museum celebrates winter in a unique and extravagant way-by serving up game and proposing a toast. Their annual Golden Pheasants Game Dinner is complete with a silent auction and masterfully decorated train set to coincide with the hosting, roasting and hors d’oeuvres. If you’re a fan of winter weather, don’t skip out on Jill McKenzie’s in-depth discussion on how winter has affected Delaware over the course of history. 

Delaware is situated between humid subtropical climate to the south and humid continental conditions to the north. The water surrounding the state help to mitigate the temperature extremes compared to nearby interior locations. Even so, the State has cold winter temperatures, hot summers and a fair amount of precipitation throughout the year. For the most part, temperatures are reasonably moderate, with winter night temperatures rarely below 14°F and highs around 27°F. From 1981 to 2010, the normal seasonal snowfall was 20.2 inches. However many years have far less. The 2009-2010 season had the highest snowfall total with 72.7 inches, and the 1997-98 season had the lowest amount with just a trace.

As with many of the other northeast states Delaware gets its fair share of nor’easters that bring in heavy moisture and freezing temperatures, which combined make for bad winter storms that often bring with them power outages. Customers relying on electric heat are often without power for days. Which is why many of Delaware’s residents choose DDM Energy, the local branch of HOP Energy to provide heating oil, propane, generators and emergency services to northern Delaware customers, particularly in the Dover area north. HOP Energy’s large network in the north east ensures fast response times, reliable local service and competitive prices, which makes them the leading provider of heating oil in Delaware.

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  • Energy Star equipment including Trane

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